‘Imagining Tomorrow: H2O’ Challenge Announces Winning Teams


Teams of students from the U.S. and Ghana propose high-scoring solutions to water issues in their communities, with help from expert mentors. 

Iraqi Voices

Connecting Minneapolitans to the Realities of Life in Iraq: A Sister City Relationship between Najaf, Iraq and Minneapolis, Minnesota


Blog contributed by Jessy Belt, Deputy Director, Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project. Click here to view original blog post on Medium. 

Water pump project

Houston-Karachi Sister City Association Sponsors New Water Pump in Response to Devastating Heat Wave


Blog contributed by Muhammad Sheikh, President, Houston-Karachi Sister City Association. Click here to view the original post on medium. 

Sister Cities Chess Partnership Unites Students around the Globe in Intellectual

Sister Cities Chess Partnership Unites Students around the Globe in Intellectual Competition


Blog by Jonathan Plaster, Chairman (Coach) of Atkins Chess club, Atkins High School, Winston-Salem, NC; Sharon Glover, Sister Cities Ambassador for Freeport & Nassau; Shaun & Catia Gittard, Sister Cities Ambassador for Ungheni, Moldova; and Shawn Sorsby (Coach), Bishop Micheal Eldon School, Freeport, Grand Bahama. 

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